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Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage - The Pampering Touch

The yoni massage can be done by 1 therapist or can be a 4 hand massage with 2 therapists 1 male and 1 female

The Yoni Massage treatment is something that has never been accepted by society, through Tantra, we are all pioneers, liberating, females breaking the chains of judgment that society bounds us to. The Pampering Touch yoni massage consists of a unique combinations of twirls, stokes and techniques including energizing pressure points, angel stroking, pastry making ........ all of these techniques sound new to you ...? wait till you experience them, you will soon be sending your lover here for lessons!

When experiencing a sensual massage, to end with a Yoni Massage is an orgasmic and divine treat for any female, young, old, of any sexual orientation both gay and straight women love this treatment... there is nothing that can beat the intimate knowledge and touch of the female flower than from another female or if you prefer a male or both...

It starts of from the inner thighs circuling slowly inwards, the Yoni Massage can be external only or external moving to internal, Yoni Massages can be for sexual ecstasy, relaxation or healing.

Yoni massage for healing, the strokes are more designed for connecting the heart, mind and yoni, once in a deepened state of relaxation using meditation , visulization you can break free and heal old wounds. Re-empowering yourself through Yoni Healing can be a fresh start, embracing self love, self respect and attainng sexual freedom. Embrace the Goddess within yourself!

The yoni is amazing piece of godly ingenuity - with an estimated 7000 nerve endings!

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina that is loosely translated as "sacred space" or "Sacred Temple." In Tantra, the yoni is seen from a perspective of love and respect. This is particularly important.
Before beginning the Yoni Massage it is important to create a space for the receiver in which to relax, from which she can more easily enter a state of high arousal and experience great pleasure from her Yoni.

The giver will experience the joy of giving pleasure and witnessing a special moment.

The Yoni Massage is an excellent activity to build trust and intimacy. This is also a good way to assist women to break through sexual blocks or trauma.

The goal of the Yoni massage is not solely to achieve orgasm, although orgasm is often a pleasant and welcome side effect. The goal can be as simple as to pleasure and massage the Yoni.

When orgasm does occur it is usually more expanded, more intense and more satisfying.

Are you one of those women who have never had an orgasm? Dont be afraid to say yes, we can help you!!!
A yoni massage can help.
We have developed a technique closely based on the tantra yoni massage, that combines massage of the outer and inner labia, clitoral stimulation, as well as g-spot, Several positions are adopted each with its own degree of intensity

Often problems with orgasms have something to do with expectation, control, fears or the inability to let go, which makes it hard to allow sexual feelings or even be aware of them.

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